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Improved multi-level protein–protein interaction prediction with semantic-based regularization


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Protein–protein interactions can be seen as a hierarchical process occurring at three related levels: proteins bind by means of specific domains, which in turn form interfaces through patches of residues.

Detailed knowledge about which domains and residues are involved in a given interaction has extensive applications to biology, including better understanding of the binding process and more efficient drug/enzyme design.

Alas, most current interaction prediction methods do not identify which parts of a protein actually instantiate an interaction. Furthermore, they also fail to leverage the hierarchical nature of the problem, ignoring otherwise useful information available at the lower levels; when they do, they do not generate predictions that are guaranteed to be consistent between levels.

Authors: Claudio Saccà, Stefano Teso, Michelangelo Diligenti, Andrea Passerini

Book title: BMC Bioinformatics

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