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From mobile-first to conversation-first

The new era of customer experience based on multisensory conversational artificial intelligence

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Empower and automate up to 90% of your business activities

Improve customer satisfaction and increase employee performance by reducing costs associated with repetitive operations

PC software Algho


The No-Code conversational AI platform, API-based, 100% integrable, and omnichannel. The tool to create your personalized Virtual Assistant, spokesperson for your company values, capable of assuming the appearance and voice of your CEO or testimonial.

Dashboard Algho Decisions Assistant

Algho Decisions Assistant

Get always up-to-date data and analytics. Algho Decisions organizes them in dashboards and graphs according to your instructions, allowing you to monitor and access useful information even with a simple voice request.

Dashboard Detecto Evo

Detecto Evo

Make your company more sustainable, dematerialize, and organize your paper documents by creating a digital archive that allows you to access saved data at any time.

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An inclusive AI that enhances your services

Make your channels accessible to everyone with the first Artificial Human capable of understanding and producing Italian Sign Language

Build customer loyalty with an unparalleled customer experience


Omnichannel, total integration, and multimodality make our technology the most efficient in the market

Where can you use our Artificial Intelligence?