The most effective artificial intelligence in Italy.
Humanoid, empathic and multimodal.
Artificial Intelligence for the Public Administration
Highly performing public services, both for citizens and collaborators
The most effective Artificial Intelligence in Italy.
Humanoid, empathic and multimodal.
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Artificial Intelligence for the Public Administration
Highly performing public services, both for citizens and collaborators


The understanding of natural language is the building block of our products. A proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform, in alignment to state-of-the-art scientific literature, which is extremely flexible and customizable, is able to analyze and understand 9 languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Romanian).
A platform that allows the automatic extraction of entities and relationships present in unstructured data such as texts (eg. medical records, project documents, e-mails requesting support etc.) or images via layout analysis.
Information Management has a fundamental role in companies and is now considered one of the main resources for gaining a competitive advantage. Thanks to our Crawler Engine, the management of this ample amount of data, Big Data, becomes easier. The Crawler is a system that allows the automatic search and archiving of information. Combined with NLP, it methodically analyzes the contents of a network (intranet or external) or database, thus facilitating the work of managing information and data.
A great quantity of Information, which can be structured (eg. database) or unstructured (manuals, regulations, images, e-mails, etc.) is present in companies and represents a resource which influences most business decisions. It is therefore necessary to ensure that this information is used as efficiently as possible. This technology creates a semantic search engine that archives and indexes all company documentation and accesses it through a request formulated in natural language.
Natural Language Generation (NLG) is the field of research concerning Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics that studies and addresses problems associated with the building of computer systems for the automatic production of comprehensible and fluent text, a cutting-edge technology that allows machines to produce text, written or spoken, in narrative form. It is a system that automatically generates "intelligent" answers starting from structured or unstructured data, translating concepts into words.

QuestIT - Advanced, empathic and persuasive virtual assistants


QuestIT is a native AI Italian company. We create innovative solutions to support companies with personalized Virtual Assistants, a simulation of real employees tailored to the business of the company in different sectors.

Our mission is to bring innovation to companies by supporting them in their digital transformation process to improve internal and external organization, giving value to their data and optimizing business processes with conversational interfaces designed to be accessible to all and usable 24/7.

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