semantic BI

  • Sector: Control of business management
  • Ideal for: PMI

It’is in the knowledge the key to your success

A business intelligence platform is an application that manages and displays the data available to the company through a user interface that improves the environment and usability. Information can be displayed in the form of reports or dashboards that provide interactive data analysis to help users make faster, informed decisions.

What are the benefits?

Better understanding of the application data for end users;
Greater availability of applications using data views and reports;
competitive advantage thanks to the most advanced integrated analysis;
Personalization of information to be displayed according to your needs;
Ability to predict future behavior from the analysis of existing data.
Because “semantic”?

Our platform will allow you to create structured reports also from text documents, emails, invoices, project reports etc .. There is no limit to the depth linguistic analysis, thanks to the QuestIT semantic engine.

a decision support system that looks to the future

You want to know in advance how it will be months of sales of your company? Or even what the margin you have? BI Semantic analyze the history of your data in order to create accurate predictive analysis on preference data (turnover, margin, etc.) crossing both exogenous and endogenous data. And finally thanks to historical analysis of your data, will indicate the preferences of your customers and advise the sales strategies of your products while maximizing the probability of success.



al mese


1000 euro di attivazione una tantum

1 database

1 dashboard

12 grafici

Accessi illimitati


al mese


2000 euro di attivazione una tantum

3 database

10 dashboard

90 grafici

Accessi illimitati


al mese


3000 euro di attivazione una tantum

5 database

20 dashboard

200 grafici

Accessi illimitati

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